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Are you a real estate agent and are there fees or commissions involved?

No, we are not licensed agents or brokers. We are real estate investors who buy and sell properties on our own behalf. In any transaction, we represent ourselves and you represent yourself. That means that you do not pay us any commissions. If you buy one of our homes, the only fees involved are the normal costs and fees associated with purchasing a home.

What will I learn?

It depends on what you are seeking to do. Learn to invest your profits in real estate and build a long-term plan for passive income that provides security and a place to store your equity and cash other than the bank (which offers such small returns). Taxes, Banking, Business, Real Estate Investing strategies. If that is not enough…. Each week our Coaching Staff will draw from a range of topics including:

  • Introductory Goal-Setting
  • Understanding YourMarketplace
  • Pre-Foreclosures/ Foreclosures, and REO’s
  • Wholesaling
  • Buy and Hold
  • Short Sales
  • Fix and Flip/Rehab
  • Lease Options
  • Subject to
  • Tax Liens and Deeds

How to become a Real Estate Investor

 Connect with us

 Attend our meeting

 Consume the education

 Learn the strategies and techniques that other successful investors are using

 Apply these techniques in your own life

 Stay connected with our community of real estate investors

I want to learn but where do I start?

Join one our meetings so you see how our system and process helped others just like you.

What are the other classes A.I.T?

 1031 Exchanges  Advanced Note Strategies  Advanced Velocity Banking  Auctions  Auctions Analysis  Bankruptcy  Business Credit & Financing  Buy & Hold Day  Commercial RE Intro  Commercial RE Analysis  Commercial RE Leases, Lending & Purchasing  Contracts  Contract for Deed  Cost Segregation  Due Diligence Financial  Strategies  Fix & Flip Day  Foreclosures  Home Inspections
 Intro to Short Term Rentals  Land Development  Lease Options  Managing PropertyManagers  Market Analysis  Multi-Family Day  Multi-Family Fix & Flip  Multi-Family Property Managers  Private/Hard Money  Raising Money & Partnerships
 Real Estate Sales Success  Rehabbing Day 1 & 2  Seller-Financed Notes  Short Sales Day  Short Term Rentals  Small Business Payroll  Social Media Success  Subject-to Purchases  Tax Deeds & Liens  Tenants & Rental Agreements  Title, Escrow & Closing
 Understanding Credit Day 2  Understanding Investor ID  Understanding Mortgages  Wealth Acceleration 1 & 2  Wholesaling  Your Most Valuable Real Estate…. Add more are being added!

What is provided?

✓ Customizable Education For You & One Learning Partner

✓ Continually Updated Content Expert Practitioner Instructors

✓ Live Classes, In Studio And Online Cutting-Edge Technology

✓ Weekly Group Coaching Progress Tracking

I still have questions!

Contact us with your question and we’ll be happy to assist you!  Send us a email or Call us right now at (302) 715-1215

What makes your system different for the other system?
  •  Self-Directed Classes – Achieve a position of financial flexibility as quickly as possible with both live and online courses. Choose the strategy that works best for you.
  •  Practitioner Instructors – Leading experts share a message of empowerment along with the most relevant and up-to-date information needed to succeed.
  • Complimentary Lifetime Access – Many Renatus educational service packages include complimentary lifetime access to our content, including updates, additional courses, and materials that are added to the packages that you’ve already purchased. When a topic is difficult, the market changes, or you need to adjust strategies, you can access the education to learn something new and do it differently.
  • Continually Updated Content – Courses are regularly updated to reflect current trends, changes in law, and the latest industry practices. You’ll have the information needed to keep your business going, no matter what’s happening in the market.